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New SDA Lawyers Motion to U.S Court System for Permanent Injuction

G C of SDA v. McGill, et al -- 2015 Summary

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NOTE: The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church organizations have been actively pursuing seizure of Internet websites that they alledge to be in violation of their service marks.

They have even sued the United States for trademark infringement.

When you enter this site, you shall be able to select different links in order to better understand the unique story of one Pastor Walter McGill (aka Pastor "Chick").
He has suffered persecution from the SDA Church organizations since 2006. The General Conference leaders wish to obliterate this website also, but so far they have failed because this website does not violate any court-ordered injunction in the United States, and all instances of their marks are employed under "fair use"-- referring to them. This cyber spot is the work of a journalist, compiling information that the public may use in order to better understand the conflict between McGill and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Pastor McGill is Released from Prison

Pastor "Chick" McGill's Official Prison Release Statement
PDF of the Statement
August 2012Open Letter to General Conference President, Ted N. C. Wilson from Pastor Walter "Chick" McGill

ANN Reports on McGill's Arrest -- McGill Comments

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Pastor McGill's Commentary within the Adventist Review Article

Andy Hanson's Review of "More Than A Name"

Before entering this site, you may wish to visit the Wikipedia entry online, Courthouse News Service, and read the Washington Post article "Who owns the word 'Adventist' or 'Catholic'?" by clicking here to familiarize yourself.